St Louis Nightlife - Neighborhood Bars

For locals looking to relax after a day on the job or visitors simply wishing to experience authentic St. Louis life, the city has a multitude of neighborhood hangouts featuring regular crowds. Many blue-collar beer drinkers enjoy buying rounds of pints at Hi-Way Bar or Rosie's Place and Laclede Street Bar and Grill satisfies university students looking for cheap happy hour specials. Pub fare is standard at many of these bars, so eat at home or stop in for a burger and fries or slice of pizza. St. Louis' neighborhood bar hangouts offer a slice of life in the Midwest metropolis, so pop in, make new friends, raise some glasses and be treated like a regular in no time.
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Babe's Tavern

3215 Ivanhoe Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.647.3436
Named for a dog—not the beautiful ladies that frequent the bar—Babe's Tavern is a quiet St. Louis neighborhood bar. The down-home feel is accentuated by the large fireplace and dark wood accents filling the bar. Behind the bar, Babe's Tavern Garden can seat up to 125 people year round to enjoy the fresh St. Louis air. Various TVs are big enough that you can watch the Cardinals or the Rams practically in life size. Babe's Tavern is one of those bars where the bartenders will know you by name after one visit.


1027 Russell Blvd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.664.4408
The bar at Bastille is a historic landmark in Soulard because Anheuser Busch built it during the unfortunate Prohibition days. That makes it worth a visit right off the bat! Bastille is geared towards a gay male crowd but everyone is welcome to the trendy St. Louis bar. The Cobalt Grill serves up a small selection of classic American grill fare and a game room is usually not crowded for those who get antsy. Bric-a-brac fills the walls of the Bastille adding even more character and making it stand out from the surrounding Soulard bars. If anyone ever has a hard time finding this comfortable St. Louis bar, just look for the giant parrot perched on a Busch sign in Soulard and you're there.

The Black Derby Saloon

3701 S. Kingshighway, St. Louis; Tel. 314.351.7575
Anyone who is a darts fanatic can enjoy The Black Derby Saloon with theirs 10 steel-tip dartboards, pool table and music. The St. Louis bar offers dart tournaments on Saturdays and to top it all off, ice cold beer. Never too crowded, the Black Derby Saloon also offers shuffleboard and jello shots if a big group comes in and wants to have a good time. The bar is family owned and has all around friendly people.

Cat's Meow Inc.

2600 S. 11th St., St. Louis; Tel. 314.776.8617
On a corner in Soulard, the Cat's Meow Inc. is a bar that was started by two sisters and continues to have the friendly service the women started the place with. Local St. Louis folk call the Cat's Meow home especially when they can go to play washers—a game like horseshoes—or poker. On other nights this venerable St. Louis bar hosts dance parties and trivia for a younger crowd of drinkers. Drinks are cheap with $1 draft beer or $5 for a pitcher so the Cat's Meow is the perfect environment to go and have a good time without breaking the bank.

Charlack Pub

8334 Lackland Rd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.423.8119
Bikers are the featured guests at least one night a week at Charlack Pub in St. Louis. The bar offers preferred parking where motorcycles can be proudly displayed in front of the pub for others to ogle at. Plenty of local bands are booked to play the club and open jam sessions are also offered on a regular basis. The mature crowd comes to Charlack Pub for the low drink prices and to talk about bikes. It's right down the street from the St. Louis Harley Davidson dealership, so bikers can get their rides shined up while they wait at the pub.

Clancy's Irish Pub & Grill

40 Old State Rd., Ellisville; Tel. 636.391.6154
Cheap beer, cheap food and dollar bills hanging from the ceiling, Clancy's Irish Pub & Grill has all the markings of a dive bar. Looks like a dive bar, certainly smells live a dive bar so the only conclusion is that this West County bar and grill is a dive bar. In the St. Louis metropolitan area, Clancy's Irish Pub & Grill is one of the places customers can still get a good cheap meal and a drink in the single digits. They have a rocking jukebox and several TVs to watch the game on. For warmer weather, and to escape the clamor of local bands that sometimes play, Clancy's has a phenomenal outside patio. Limp dollars on the ceiling aside, Clancy's Irish Pub & Grill is the perfect place to spend a hot summer evening at either indoors or on the patio.

Classics Tavern Co.

11601 W. Florissant Ave., Florissant; Tel. 314.837.1181
Friendly locals are always around at Classics Tavern just outside of St. Louis. The bar and grill can satisfy your hunger and thirst for only a few bills. Serving lunch and dinner daily, the laid-back tavern offers a selection of typical bar fare. The happy hour at Classics Tavern offers even better deals on their already low prices. Customers can enjoy live music, pool tables and other games at the bar or order take-out for a boring night at home. Seems like an easy choice.

Club Paladora

5620 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.353.7790
Sometimes a plain no frills bar is all it takes to have a good time and relax. Club Paladora offers a good ol' bar in South City. Locals know the bar well for it's reasonable prices and down-home atmosphere. The bartenders are willing to talk to customers and the locals usually sit around and shoot the breeze at Club Paladora.

Colombo's Café Tavern

6487 Manchester Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.645.9930
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served up hot all day long at Colombo's Café Tavern. The day goes from when the sun rises to long after it sets for this St. Louis bar. The restaurant has excellent food and good prices that keep everyone happy at Colombo's Café Tavern. There are plenty of good bars in and around St. Louis, but if you're looking for a decently priced homestyle meal and a potent cocktail it's hard to beat the Colombo Café Tavern.

Cotters Lounge

4610 S. Kingshighway Blvd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.353.9943
Super cheap happy hour deals will keep money in your wallet unless you end up betting on a game of shuffleboard at Cotters Lounge. The low-key atmosphere and friendly St. Louis service make this no frills bar a great hang out spot. Cotters Lounge offers karaoke every night of the week to show off vocal stylings at the bar but really does not attract a younger crowd. Nice people, good drinks and a fun time await people at Cotters Lounge.

Cousin Hugo's Bar & Grill

3233 Laclede Station Rd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.645.8484
Popular during the lunch hour, happy hours and weekends, St. Louis' Cousin Hugo's Bar & Grill is a St. Louis neighborhood bar mainstay. Open for many years, the bar and grill still serves up delicious food and drinks with the same friendly service they've had since the get-go. It's a great restaurant in St. Louis to head to after work for a bite to eat and a drink to relax with.

Double D Lounge

2219 S. Brentwood Blvd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.961.5646
Although the name makes this bar and restaurant sound risqué, it's actually just a normal down-home, fun to be at kind of bar. The Double D Lounge has plenty of activities to keep the St. Louis locals busy every night of the week. Karaoke is one night a week while the jukebox, pool tables, dartboards and shuffleboard games are there to entertain all the time. Happy hour drink specials change each night at the Double D Lounge and when the St. Louis Rams are in season there are specials for football. The bar knows how to cater to the customer and give good service all the time.

Ferguson's Pub

2925 Mount Pleasant St., St. Louis; Tel. 314.351.1466
Avid Food Network watchers saw Alton Brown eat a brain sandwich as he made a stop while traveling across the United States. Brown didn't stop in St. Louis, but if he had those who live in St. Louis could have told him to get a brain sandwich at Ferguson's Pub instead. The South City bar has shuffleboard, locals and the vital cheap beer that most bars do, but among the fried chicken and burgers on the menu, not every bar can claim they have the brain sandwich. Now usually a pig brain—cow brain before Mad Cow Disease—is fried and slapped between two pieces of white bread with mayo. Sounds delicious and goes great with cold beer.

Flannery's Irish Pub

1320 Washington Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.241.8885
Downtown St. Louis has bars that know how to treat and entertain their customers and Flannery's Irish Pub is no exception. A dozen flat screen TVs might be a sensory overload to some, but true St. Louis Cardinals, Rams, or Blues fans will be thanking the Irish bar for being sports friendly when they watch their teams win. The bar also has a full restaurant menu with everything from steak to burgers and other bar fare. Flannery's Irish Pub wouldn't be a great St. Louis sports bar if they didn't also have electronic darts, shuffleboard and of course video games. It's downtown St. Louis, so expect only the best especially from Flannery's Irish Pub.

Hair of the Dog

1212 Washington Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.241.3644
Open for every home St. Louis Rams' game, Hair of the Dog is a bar where drink specials and a great beer selection are givens. Dress to impress doesn't mean a thing as anyone from St. Louis University student to blue collared workers wander in for a cold one. To provide entertainment for the laid-back crowd, shuffleboard, jukebox, darts and pool tables fill the bar. Hair of the Dog can certainly get hopping, but the people don't have to be wearing buttoned-down shirts for it to happen.

Harry's Bar and Grill

4940 Southwest Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.771.5077
The large patio at Harry's Bar and Grill attracts the lunch and happy hour crowds to this St. Louis neighborhood bar during nice weather. The location at the edge of The Hill certainly doesn't hurt either. The menu features classic bar fare and keeps customers coming back for more, especially when there are specials on the food and drink for happy hour. No one ever has to miss a St. Louis Rams or Cardinals game either because the TVs are always on keeping track of the score.

The Hide Away Piano Bar

5900 Arsenal St., St. Louis; Tel. 314.645.8822
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights bring in a different crowd at The Hide Away in St. Louis. We're not talking some weirdos with body jewelry and colored hair though. The patrons of The Hide Away are seniors who still love the nightlife and love to boogie. On three nights a week a piano player sings and plays everything from country to classics, rock to oldies. The older St. Louis crowd dances along and appreciates the cheap prices at the bar. Doilies crocheted by one of the regulars are on the bar as coasters and the Budweiser bottles are still recycled. The Hide Away Piano Bar is a St. Louis gem for an older crowd.

Hi-Way Bar

2732-A S. 13th St., St. Louis; Tel. 314.773.8420
Drinkers who are tired of paying high prices don't need to look any further. The Hi-Way Bar is Soulard's most dive-y dive bar. Hungry bar-goers should get a bite to eat before they go to Hi-Way bar or they'll be stuck with the beef jerky and toaster oven pizzas the bar serves, not that they're bad. The bar has plenty of character including a full-length shuffleboard on a timer. Bring friends or go alone and make new friends at the Hi-Way Bar.

Humphrey's Restaurant & Tavern

3700 Laclede Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.535.0700
Opening in 1976, Humphrey's Restaurant and Tavern has been a St. Louis University staple since day one. Right across the street from the campus makes Humprey's—lovingly known by students as "Humps"—a prime location to walk to and stumble home from. The basic menu is enough to satisfy students and other diners for lunch and dinner. Happy hour lasts from 11am to 7pm Monday through Friday at this St. Louis bar, but even when there aren't drink specials, the drinks still come cheap. Plenty of TVs, a back patio and video games top off Humphrey's bar and keep it going long into the night.

J&A's Bar and Grill

10 N. Newstead Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.534.0335
St. Louis locals go to J&A's Bar and Grill to hang out and catch up on the latest neighborhood news. J&A's Bar and Grill has all the quintessential bar things like TVs, video games, a jukebox and shuffleboard and the St. Louis bar and grill also has a great selection of beer and classic American bar food to go along with the libations. Weekend nights and sports teams make the bar packed and show that traditional can be a good thing.

Jack's Iron Horse Bar & Grill

112950 St. Charles Rock Rd., Bridgeton; Tel. 314.2009.1280
One of the best biker bars outside of St. Louis, Jack's Iron Horse Bar & Grill—formerly Cadillac Jacks—offers food and entertainment for a rougher crowd. Special parking for bikes right in front offers a great view of the motorcycles from the patio while customers sip on brews. Live entertainment at the bar ranges from rock music to spaghetti wrestling every Wednesday night. Happy hour specials Monday through Friday from 4-7pm bring unbelievably low prices on beer and food. Serving up plenty of bar favorites, great prices on drinks, and wild live entertainment is what Cadillac Jacks, and now Jack's Iron Horse, has always been known for.

Jack Patrick's

1000 Olive St, St. Louis; Tel. 314.621.9820
Before St. Louis Cardinals and Rams games, Jack Patrick's is one of the prime locations to grab a drink. The downtown St. Louis bar has crowds of people wandering by it's large front windows on their way to Cardinals games when the team is at home, so Jack Patrick's is the perfect place to people watch too. This St. Louis sports bar has all the essential activities to keep fans busy and is a great place to watch the game if fans can't be there first hand. Swing by anytime for friendly service and a good ol' St. Louis bar experience.

John P. Fields Restaurant

26 N. Central Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.862.1225
The Clayton crowd locals visit John P. Field's Restaurant in St. Louis after work and for dinner to watch the game, get a drink and a bite to eat. The green and dark wood décor make the restaurant look like an Irish pub but the young professionals and occasional college student give the bar more of a club atmosphere. As with most bars in the area, Field's Restaurant offers a fine selection of draft and bottled beers along with wines by the glass. The menu features American cuisine infused with a Cajun-Creole touch. The St. Louis bar and restaurant offers a good atmosphere in a nice neighborhood.

Johnny's Restaurant and Bar

1017 Russell Blvd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.865.0900
St. Louis knows Johnny's Restaurant and Bar for many things including being the bar that began the St. Louis Mardi Gras tradition. In the historic Soulard area, Johnny's is packed during their happy hour as the attractive waitresses run around serving strong drinks to a mostly male crowd. The menu for this St. Louis restaurant and bar has fine American cuisine to satisfy any hunger and when the weather is nice, the restaurant sets up several tables outside for customers to people watch. Johnny's Restaurant and Bar is certainly a St. Louis staple, particularly for Mardi Gras.


20 N. Central Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.725.0161
Right down the street from Washington University in St. Louis, Kilkenny's is a genuine Irish Pub serving up Irish fare and plenty of beer. The bar has a wide selection of draft beers and serves up great food. The most notable part of Kilkenny's is the antique cash register that's about 100 years old. The service is friendly and if you sit at the bar they're sure to remember you when you return.

Krueger's Bar

7347 Forsyth blvd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.721.9965
A short walk from downtown Clayton or Washington University in St. Louis, Kruger's Bar is a popular destination for college students as well as Clayton businesspeople. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner up with a basic menu of bar food, salads and sandwiches. Sports seasons of the St. Louis Cardinals and Rams make Krueger's a popular place to go watch the game and the bar also puts on their own events and games. Krueger's Bar is a great place to go and meet new people or hang out with the old ones.

Laclede Street Bar & Grill

3818 Laclede Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.531.1600
Right across the street from the St. Louis University dorms, Laclede Street Bar and Grill is a traditional place for the SLU students to hang out. Offering cheap prices for pitchers and bar food that's also good and cheap, students can't resist stopping in for the happy hours. It's a good thing the bar has plenty of space because Laclede Street bar and Grill fills up quick on the weekends. There are two bar areas, and the second down a short flight of stairs also has a dance floor. Dartboards, video games and TVs hold the attention of the student customers. When the St. Louis Cardinals or Rams are playing the bar is a great place to catch the game. Those that like good food and a good time always head to Laclede Street.

Llywelyn's Pub

4747 McPherson, St. Louis; Tel. 314.361.3003
Welsh food—which is a lot like Irish food—and almost 20 beers on tap make Llywelyn's Pub not only a tasty restaurant, but also a great bar to go hang out at. This Central West End location offers several events throughout the week to keep the St. Louis pub packed. Wednesdays are guys' night and offer beer specials while Thursdays are ladies' night and offer Long Island Iced Tea specials. Live St. Louis music occasionally is booked in the Celtic or even American genres. Don't forget to check out the upstairs rooms and bar where Llywelyn's Pub offers nightly specials as well.

Missouri Bar and Grille

701 N. Tucker Blvd., St. Louis; Tel. 314.231.2234
Neon lights on the outside sign and inside walls of the Missouri Bar and Grille make it seem like it could be a little classier than it is. In terms of dive bars though, there really isn't a "classy," but if there were, this downtown St. Louis joint would be it. In the middle of the neon ringed room, a disco ball hangs from the ceiling over wood tables for that special little touch of dive bar ambiance. A dance floor on one side of the room hints at the live blues the Missouri Bar brings in sometimes. The Missouri Bar and Grille sticks to the basics with bar food and beer, and all for a low price, not bad for downtown St. Louis.

Phelan's Pub and Grill

1730 S. 8th St., St. Louis; Tel. 314.241.8282
One block from the Soulard Market and a short walk from downtown, Phelan's Pub and Grill has a beautiful location on the corner of a historic St. Louis building. They offer a limited menu of items mostly from the grill or fryer to go along with their cold beer and cocktails. A low-key atmosphere and friendly service attracts customers from the neighborhood to this local St. Louis bar. Lots of light gets into the space and for those who need more entertainment than drinking, there are darts and video games. Phalen's Pub and Grill is truly a neighborhood bar with a long St. Louis history.

Rosie's Place

4573 Laclede Ave., St. Louis; Tel. 314.361.6423
Wood paneling and mirrors are what make Rosie's Place a bar that no one has to think about dressing up for. It's blue collar, and that's why customers love it. The St. Louis bar is just for drinking and having a good time with friends. For those who are so inclined, plastic tipped darts and pinball provide extra entertainment. Cheap drinks and friendly locals are what make Rosie's Place the bar to go to after a hard day of work.
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